Restaurant Cleaning Services

The Art of Klean offers the highest quality Indianapolis Janitorial Service including our Restaurant Cleaning at an unbeatable price. We know that you want to provide the cleanest and most appealing environment possible for your customers and want the atmosphere of your restaurant to be as appealing as the food itself.

Perhaps no type of cleaning is as rigorous and crucial to a business’s success as the sanitation, maintenance, and cleaning of a restaurant. If the highest standards are not met, it could mean violations of health-code law, customers could get sick or seriously ill. With our professional restaurant cleaning services, your team will have a sanitized work environment and your guests an immaculate dining area. 

The Art of Klean brings a great deal of experience to the table in Indianapolis Janitorial Service to restaurants and knows how to get the job done without interrupting your business flow.

  • Front of House Deep Cleaning (chairs, tables, common areas)
  • Degreasing Kitchen Floors (does not include kitchen equipment)
  • Restrooms
  • Floor Care
    • Spot Cleaning
    • Power Washing Floors
  • Scrubbing / Buffing floors
  • Detailed Vacuuming
  • Back of House Deep Cleaning
  • Wall, Furniture, and Decor Cleaning
  • Complete Dusting
    • High Dusting
  • Full Sanitation
  • Emergency Service Available
  • Dedicated and experienced staff
    • 24-hour customer service support
    • Regular Inspections
Indianapolis Janitorial Service Clean Restaurant

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (317) 775-9162 for a no-obligation quote. Reference letters are available upon request. We do not require a contract and can accommodate month-to-month agreements.